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Here at Donís Taxidermy and Freeze Drying we mount all types of conventional taxidermyÖincluding, but not limited to; Upland Bird Taxidermy, Waterfowl Taxidermy, Mammals, Game Heads and Freeze Drying services which includes your beloved pets.  Let Don preserve your pet with freeze drying techniques to a life-like pose that will allow you memories for years to come.

Don started back in the 70ís mainly to accommodate the needs of the family, but as of recently he started back again since 2005 with courses taken to learn all the new methods of what taxidermy has to offer. 

As of 2007 Don has been working full time as he retired from several years on the GM time clock.

Donís Taxidermy and Freeze Drying is located 50 miles south of Chicago, IL and 10 miles from Joliet, IL, but Don is willing to serve the entire U.S. taxidermy needs. 

Donís Taxidermy and Freeze Drying is State and Federally Licensed.

Donís tech tip, The Air Skinner is worth its weight in gold in our shop. Another taxidermist introduced me to the air skinner; he used the Air Skinner to split ears on his deer heads. I then had the good fortune of meeting George, the manufacturer of this product. 

The Air Skinner was originally patented in 1895 for use in the stockyard for the skinning of cattle; it has since been patented 3 different times. Taking Georgeís advice to try this product in my shop, I have found that it has worked on all animals, being the slickest thing I have ever used for skinning.  With simply placing the needle under the skin, using air to separate the skin from the meat. Splitting the skin, the animal about jumps out from its hide. 

Due to the excessive amount of fat found in bear, beaver and pigs, you may not achieve the best results, but it is amazing with birds, small mammals, deer, elk, fish, etc.

Don's Taxidermy And Freeze Drying is now a distributor of FROST CUTLERY.. Specializing in Banquet/Benefit and Fund Raising packages. Please don't hesitate to call if you need assistance with your next main event.

Don's PET PRESERVATION Tip: It's not often that we get the chance to talk with our customers before the misfortune of losing a pet. "A picture is worth a thousand words"....try to snap a few photos of your pet in their favorite pose, maybe a familiar position that is their own distinct "trait". Help us to help you to preserve those special memories...forever.

Our love for animals and our pets have brought us to give our full attention & commintment to our Pet Preservation. Each pet is treated with the utmost TLC. Please visit our personal Pet Scrap Book @ Get To Know Us and also to check out some of our customers' special pets in the Gallery.

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